Direct Mail

Direct Mail, not Junk Mail

In the rush to get yourself heard within the online world, don’t forget the value of direct mail. Particularly in the world of B2B marketing, personalised brochures, flyers and newsletters can make a real impression, and rather than being a niche alternative to online marketing, they can work alongside it.

We’re not talking about run-of-the-mill junk mail here. At Clever Jellyfish, we communicate closely with you until we get a complete understanding of your business, who you are looking to target, and what you have to offer them. Our experienced and friendly team will sit down with you to decide on this.

Engagement is key

Once we have the knowledge we need, we’ll get started on delivering eye-catching, engaging messages to your audience. Rather than the impersonal flyers that drop through your letterbox and enjoy only a brief spell on your doormat en route to the waste paper basket, these will be personalised, addressed correspondence sent directly to carefully selected prospective clients.

Trust and Transparency

As always with us, it’s all about trust, transparency and doing what’s right. We don’t bombard anyone and everyone in the vicinity with expensive but meaningless bumph. We use analytical research to find out who is looking for what you offer, and communicate with them in a friendly, informed and persuasive way.

Create a buzz in the B2B world with direct mail marketing, part of the full business development package available to you here at Clever Jellyfish. Why not contact us today to learn more about what we can do to get your business noticed by the right people?

Joe Joinson
Protos Networks
“We met with the staff at Clever Jellyfish before our campaign began and they took a great deal of time and effort to make sure that they understood exactly what we do. This effort was reflected throughout the telemarketing campaign with only positive feedback at the many meetings they arranged for us. Thank you, Clever Jellyfish”
Martin Haley
Eazi Apps

“Lisa and her team quickly understood the real benefits of a mobile app and showed with great skill and tenacity the best way to communicate this to potential clients. With just a very small sample they managed 3 appointments in a number of days with ongoing feedback to let me know the responses and feedback of the people they called. Every business should seriously consider telemarketing as part of their marketing mix and I highly recommend Clever Jellyfish to deliver results.”

Commercial Finance Broker

“I have been working with Lisa and Clever Jellyfish for the last 3 months and I could not be happier with the work they have completed. From the initial meeting to run through what I wanted to achieve to the continual updates provided by the team as and when real-time leads were generated, they have acted with the upmost professionalism and efficiency. I cannot recommend the Clever Jellyfish team highly enough, they are indeed as smart and transparent a telemarketing company as any business could wish to work with.”

Steve Willey
Push Beyond

“We have worked with Clever Jellyfish on a number of campaigns and projects. Lisa and her highly focused team always deliver results, reporting effectively on progress and highlighting how we can improve on campaign performance when opportunity arises”

Robert McGroggan

“When meeting prospective customers at appointments arranged by Clever Jellyfish, they are fully informed and very open to discussing business. The notes provided on appointment setting are very informative and assist greatly with the meeting preparation and expectations. This makes my role so much easier and it is obvious that the Clever Jellyfish team are carefully selecting the opportunities available and only confirming those seriously interested in my service. Clever Jellyfish has now become an ongoing extension of my business.”

Occupational Health Practitioner

“Lisa and her team met with us initially to discuss our needs and to gain an understanding of our company. They have been attentive and have maintained contact throughout our campaign. As a result of their work they have arranged many successful meetings and we look forward to continuing to work with Clever Jellyfish”

Tony Shields
Crystal Legal

“Crystal used Clever Jellyfish for a B2B project focused on qualifying and engaging law firms. The project had really tight timescales and was bound by a deadline. In spite of the obvious challenge the team at CJ accepted the project and cracked on. They worked to understand the nuances and built a campaign. What I liked was the transparent way they operated and worked to learn from findings and customer feedback. The project delivered customers and had a positive ROI and they are a great team to work with.”

Fin-Tech Industry
Sales Director

“I would strongly recommend Clever Jellyfish if you are looking to gain high quality appointments with new prospects that have been fully qualified. The high quality of the appointments they have gained has surpassed my initial expectations. Within the first 2 months (just 80 hours) Clever Jellyfish had gained our company over a dozen high quality appointments including the Group CFO of the UK’s largest Jewellery retailer and the Head of Financial Services at the UK’s biggest Home Improvement company.”